Carpet Value's Carpet

Having been in the business for close to 40 years, we have developed a consistent and reliable customer base that know we will take care of them.

Why Choose Carpet?
The value of having carpet in a room is the softness and most of all the warmth underfoot. Style also plays a big part in carpet today. Carpet is still the best bang for your buck price wise. Install labor is less expensive and generally carpet per square foot is consumer friendly.

Carpets and their adhesives today have become more eco friendly, less rough on the environment. The process for manufacturing carpet, pad, and adhesive is new, safe and sustainable which has changed to reflect the times. Consumer awareness is key in this, as most manufacturers are found online, information about your carpet is readily accessed.

Carpet and Allergies?
Carpet won't necessarily help or aide with allergies; dust is dust after all,  but there are plenty of eco friendly carpets and hypoallergenic carpet + underlay products available, including corn silk best for softness and easy on persons with allergies.

Noise Reduction 
If your subfloors are in disrepair such as shifting, your carpet will reflect this of course. Otherwise, the insulating properties of carpet are forever lasting.

What To Consider When Selecting A Carpet?
Pets, children, and your lifestyle in general will determine the carpet you choose. Sometimes it just comes down to price point and affordability.

Rip Out and Removal
We offer rip out and removal of all existing carpet and/or other existing flooring if we are installing products you have purchased from us. Regarding carpet disposal, we do not run into this situation very often. Usually we are scheduled for a rip out/ removal when we install.

Carpet Care
Deep cleaning is recommended every 18 months, but never more frequently than that in most cases. You can find most warranties and cleaning maintenance advice online, as it's specific to each style and brand.