Flooring and colors-- what to know

Flooring and colors-- what to know

What are your design goals? What look are you trying to achieve?

Is the room large or small, sunny or bright? These are the things you need to ask yourself when shopping for new floors and colors.

Some colors work best with particular floors

Hardwood is an example. This flooring is versatile enough to work with any decor.

The best color choices, however, fall into beige, taupe, and gray shades. Greige (which combines gray and beige) is one of the most popular, currently trending colors.

If you have a blue carpet, almost anything will work. Just be sure it’s a harmonious look.

Consider wood undertones

Undertones are secondary colors that give off a particular shade. For instance, a floor or upholstery can be gray but with a slate-blue undertone.

Feel free to come into our flooring store to explore our flooring inventory. Undertones are as crucial as primary colors and should never be mixed.

For example, don't mix cool-toned wood cabinets with warm-tone wood floors. It will be a jarring, incohesive look.

This might be a good time to invest $25 or so for a color wheel. This will clearly show cool and warm colors.

Think about balance

If the walls and upholstery are dark, go with a lighter floor. Flooring today is all about creativity and "living out loud." The bolder, the better.

But that doesn't mean forgetting about balance.

You might choose a vibrant red carpet when you enter our flooring company. But instead, keep the walls neutral, such as ivory or white.

Don't go overboard on the colors

Pick two or three colors and stick with that. Alternatively, if you have something such as a patterned rug, stay with a solid color, not multicolor.

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